• Vision

    Our holistic approach

The Company

AiResource Technologies, founded in 1998, designs and develops highly efficient combustion engine systems in the commercial, industrial and automotive spaces. We believe our innovative technology will redefine engine efficiency and performance through dramatically reducing emissions, improving operating range and significantly extending engine life.

The Founder

AiResource Technologies is the embodiment of company founder, inventor and CEO Randy J. Chapman's quest to make internal combustion engines operate more efficiently. With over 41 years of mechanical engineering experience in manufacturing turbochargers for the OEM, commercial truck and bus markets, Chapman sought to help achieve ultra-low emissions through Efficient Combustion Design (ECD), a viable bridge to make fossil fuels green energy.


Efficient Combustion Design is a technique that aims to reduce harmful emissions, extends range, boosts operational efficiency and longevity for the world's most powerful economic drivers, all while ensuring economic prosperity and promoting planetary stewardship.

What are systems technologies?

It is our goal to create systems technologies that contribute to a set of interconnected automotive & industrial components in a holistically designed system. Enabling highly efficient combustion, our systems are intended to work synergistically to redefine the efficiency of engines used to drive the world's economy.