• Our Story of Environmental Initiatives
    & Economic Perspectives

"I had this firm belief that through efficient combustion design, we could literally redefine how a Diesel engine can perform. We have the solution that makes Diesel Energy ultra clean while at the same time offering massive performance improvements."

Randy Chapman
CEO and Founder, AiResource Technologies, LLC.

Creating the world's most efficient Diesel engine by re-thinking the way it works.

"Efficient Combustion Design (ECD) is an innovative new-generation technology that aims to strike the perfect balance between enhancing what makes Diesel appealing, it's versatility and performance, while attempting to mitigate it's challenges, namely high output of particulate matter (PM) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions.

Why is making Diesel better important?

Diesel power is arguably the most important economic driver on the planet. Given its high energy density, the market demands Diesel for cost-effective transport of goods and passengers via medium and heavy duty trucks, railway and ocean transport. Diesel energy supports medium, heavy and super duty diesel electric generators, construction equipment, water and sewage pumping stations, emergency power as well as the transportation of millions of passengers around the world via charter and municipal bus, rail and sea transport. Planetary stewardship calls upon a variety of disciplines, including technological innovation to solve the paradoxical challenges of Diesel engines.

The Answer: Radically Redefining Combustion Efficiency.

"We are developing Systems Technologies that offer a reduction in PM/Smoke Emissions of 90-95%, NOx Emissions reduction of 50+%, improved operating range of 11-25%, increased engine power of 30+%, and extended engine life between engine overhauls by 6+ months. We believe that we have solved the challenges of utilizing Diesel powerplants."

"The demand for cleaner air and a healthier global environment has never been greater. Paradoxically, the requirements for greater energy has also never been higher. Without waiting decades for alternative energy sources to gain high enough output yields and become less polluting, I feel it's imperative that we put plans into action today. The most economically viable solution, utilizing planetary resources that are already in common use and an infrastructure that is already in place are the keys. I believe that Efficient Combustion Design truly is the Bridge to Make Fossil Fuels Green Energy."