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    Our Systems Technologies

Efficient Combustion Design (ECD)

We believe history will show that we have quietly been an innovator in the development of efficient combustion design in turbocharged Diesel engines for over two decades. Through engineering, experimentation, execution, and rigorous internal testing and proving our systems technologies, we believe we have been at the forefront of efficient combustion design, increasing engine efficiency to radically reduce emissions while increasing range performance and engine life.


Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty Trucking in high elevation environments. We conducted extensive internal R&D and testing, utilizing systems technologies components in medium-duty and heavy-duty truck engines at high elevation in Mexico. Engine operating temperatures, fuel consumption, and emissions output were measured in stock, then with retrofit ECD configurations.

Results: Our internal data show that ECD Technology implementation was the factor in reducing engine operating temperatures under heavy loads on steep grades, lowering operating temperatures resulting in lower emissions, and longer operating life.

Public Transportation

Buses utilized in dense urban environments. We conducted testing on an operational municipal public transport fleet, utilizing systems technologies retrofit into bus engines in Taiwan. Measurements of fuel consumption and emissions output were measured in stock configurations, then with retrofit ECD configurations.

Results: Our internal data show that ECD Technology implementation significantly reduced PM and NOx output from the bus fleet. The retrofit buses also increased range with intense stop and go use.


We are currently developing and testing ECD prototypes in a fleet of diesel powered passenger vehicles and equipment. The testing highlights custom fabrication and implementation of the ECD systems. We believe our internal testing proves the viability of the technology's scalability and versatility, ECD is 100% able to function correctly in any size engine.

Results: ECD Technology implementation may be the key to significant reductions of PM and NOx output, negating the need for exhaust abatement systems. Increased vehicle performance gains and increased range are also being documented in internal testing, showing notable improvements in power delivery and fuel efficiency.

On Demand D/C Rapid Recharging Station

We are in early phase development of an ECD equipped Diesel generator platform that provides portable, on-demand charging stations for EVs with the goal of drastically improving the EV recharging experience for millions of EV owners as the popularity of electric vehicles continues to grow.